Z-Man Chatterbait JackHammer

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Designed by Elite Series pro's, Brett Hite and Morizo Shimizu, the Z Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer is one of the most refined and highly anticipated vibrating jigs to ever hit the U.S. market. Featuring an exclusive, low center of gravity head with a flat bottom and a super thin yet super strong stainless steel blade, this combination ensures the Jack Hammer starts vibrating quickly and also allows it to hunt side-to-side like a real baitfish. Its signature head and blade combo allow it to deflect off cover very easily as well, and also make it a great choice for skipping under docks.

A channeled groove along the bottom of the head also positions the blade low enough to strike the head and produce its signature chattering sound. The channeled groove prevents the blade from dropping out of the eyelet as well, so it never stops vibrating. Premium hand-tied silicone rubber skirts in a range of immaculate colors provide additional lifelike action, and a Gamakatsu Heavy Wire Hook ensures an ultra high hook-up ratio. A double wire baitkeeper holds your soft plastic trailers securely in place as well. The number one choice of renowned Bladed Jig Master, Brett Hite, the Z Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer is responsible for more Tour-level tournament wins than any other vibrating jig on the market.

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