Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS
Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS
Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS
Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS
Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS
Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS
Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS
Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS
Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS

Water Wood Sugar Baby (SB) SMS

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The Sugar Baby may resemble other finesse poppers, but it’s really a big bait in the body of a little lure – a limit getter that also tempts the biggest, wariest bass on any fishery. Thanks to a deeply cupped face, it throws a ton of water, whether you’re “blooping” it along deliberately or working it at warp speed like the old school topwater maestros. Furthermore, thanks to the thicker body and the density of the Marupá Pedra construction, it can be skipped or casted a country mile, and it can handle larger hooks than comparable poppers, providing more bite. That means you can put this lure under docks or overhanging cover, in places where they’ve never seen something similar before. Worked fast, the Sugar Baby makes a very pronounced bubble trail, the sign that you’re about to get bites. Whether you’re approaching pressured fish from a distance or skipping it under dense overhangs, this very special topwater lure does it all.


 SB SMS Specifications  


  • Built out of Marupá Pedra wood from the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Weight 0.3 oz.
  • Length 2.2".
  • 304 Stainless Steel wire.
  • Premium Treble Hooks and Split Rings.



We make many Water Wood crankbaits in both a high-gloss finish and a Satin Matte (SMS). Both have their applications, but we’re repeatedly asked about how we developed the SMS concept, and when it’s at its best. Those of you old enough to remember when cranking was its heyday on Carolina lakes like High Rock, Gaston and Buggs Island may recall that some of the old-time crankers would leave their plugs on the dashboards of their tow vehicles. You may have assumed that the goal was to fade the paint, and that might have been one benefit of the process, but the real goal was to take away the shine.


With a matte finish, like those old-school crankbaits, lures have a more natural, more discreet appearance in the water. A bluegill, bass or blue marlin above the surface may “light up” with color, and has a protective coat of mucus, but under the water they tend to be less gaudy. When fish are ultra-wary, that’s when the matte finishes come into play.


Don’t worry, the process by which we paint the matte finishes makes them remarkably strong and extra-durable. You can bang them into just about anything and they’ll maintain their appearance.

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