Scum Frog Painted Trophy Series Popper

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The Scum Frog Trophy Series Popper (TSP) gives you that killer pop & splash sound proven to drive fish crazy and produce serious open water blow-ups. The TSP also delivers amazing “walk-the-dog” action - helping you switch on the fly and adapt to what the fish want.

The Painted Trophy Series’ realistic color schemes mimic several different types of bass forage. Each color has been meticulously designed by award-winning, internationally renowned lure artist Andrew Gardner.

All Scum Frog models are made at American Baitworks. Unlike most frogs that are produced with automated manufacturing, Scum Frog manufacturing is done by hand, by American employees ensuring the time and care it takes to meet the company’s high-quality control standards

The Painted Trophy Series Poppin Frog has a proprietary keel hole automatically drains when you make a cast. That means there’s no need to “squeeze” the body to remove water which is required of many other brands. The Trophy Series Poppin Frog weighs in at 1/2 ounce and its legs are made with 40-strand silicone skirt material that is color coordinated to match the lure body perfectly.

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