Picasso School-E-Rig Flashback Sweet 16

Picasso School-E-Rig Flashback Sweet 16

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The Picasso Sweet 16 is sure to draw the fish’s attention. This 16- blade combination creates a “school” of vibration and flash while still allowing the rig to stay down in the strike zone without lift. Assembled with a unique 4 tier blade configuration consisting of twelve #1 willow blades that create a shiny “flickering” commonly seen in schools of baitfish while the four #3 willow blades provide a bright, fish-attracting flash and vibration. The center wire is slightly longer to simulate a baitfish that is straying from the rest of the school. Constructed with low visibility brown wire that allows the fish to focus on the baits being presented instead of the distraction of flashy wires.


*Jigheads and baits sold separately 

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