Picasso Junior School-E-Rig 6.75" Bait Ball

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The Picasso Bait Ball Junior is our most versatile size and is ideal for targeting suspended fish or throwing around docks and blow downs. Constructed with heavy gauge, low visibility brown wire that allows the fish to focus on the baits being presented instead of the distraction of flashy wires. The lightweight high-impact resistant plastic head and embedded nose swivel prevents line twist and also prevents the fish from leveraging itself off when hooked. The blades are perfectly sized to provide flash and vibration to attract the fish while still allowing the rig to stay down in the strike zone without getting lift. No longer does a broken swivel render your Umbrella Rig useless and destined for the trash along with your hard earned money. Features the markets only sliding sleeve that allows for quick and easy replacement of any damaged or worn terminal swivels. This can be particularly critical during tournament situations when rigging up an entirely new Umbrella Rig can take up much needed time. Equipped with American made premium components including a 140lb strength nose swivel, and 75lb strength terminal snap swivels to assure landing the doubles and even triples that this rig commonly catches. Overall Length 7.25” Wire Length 6". For the ultimate Umbrella Rig performance we recommend rigging with the following Picasso accessories; Smart Mouth Gamakatsu Jig Heads, Smart Mouth Mustad Jig Heads, Smart Mouth Plus Jig Heads, Single Barrel Underspins and Dummy Heads.

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