Megabass Megadog Topwater

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The MEGADOG is a weapon designed to target monster sea bass and trophy largemouth bass. By pushing the potential of the Megabass walking masterpiece, the DOG-X, to the limit, MEGADOG deploys intense flashing appeal and surface disturbance to target large bass that chase big baitfish to the surface. Despite its large frame, the MEGADOG features very low pulling resistance. Its ability to perform the sliding motion of a frantically escaping baitfish with simple reel-stop retrieves reduces the burden on the angler. Of course, MEGADOG can also be worked aggressively with sharp rod-action for mega-boiling action. This supersized walking bait will let you fully experience the excitement of big bait topwater games.  

Double Inertial Balancer System 

Equipped with two complementary balancer-systems that feature weights that shift in different directions from the action fulcrum. This allows the MEGADOG to perform sliding actions under any conditions.  

Power Swivel and Stainless Penetrating Wire 

The hook eye features a super high-strength power swivel with exceptional tracking ability along with a super thick 1.4mm stainless reinforcing wire. This helps to prevent hook dislodgement due to the violent head shaking of giant sea bass and trophy largemouth. Even if the unspeakable happens and the body is destroyed by some legendary fighter, the wire harness gives you a fighting chance to land the target. All specs are specialized to hunt monster bass.  

 Equipped with super thick 1.4mm stainless penetrating wire 

LENGTH: 8.6"

WEIGHT: 4.6 oz

TYPE: Floating

HOOKS: #2/0 3x


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