Megabass IXI Shad Type-3 Crankbait

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A collaboration between Katsutaka Imae, the founder of IMAKATSU®, and Yuki Ito, the founder of Megabass®, the IxI Shad (pron. “I by I”, for Ito x Imae), is a next-generation shad plug that reflects the combined expertise of two of Japan’s foremost lure designers and anglers. Incorporating the LBO II (PAT.) balancer system, the TYPE-3 casts surprisingly well for its size, overcoming one of the key complaints with the small shad-plug category. With an exceedingly realistic, compact profile, and dazzlingly tight, hyper-pitch rolling action, the TYPE-3 elevates the performance of past shad-plug staples.  

The TYPE-3 features the greatest depth of the series with its ability to trace a maximum depth of 3.0m (9-10ft), but it can also perform exceptionally well in the shallower 4-5ft range due to its deflection characteristics. The design minimizes snags in the shallows and perfects the aggressive deflections that trigger bites in and around rock and structure. Instead of “sliding” deflections, which create dead spots in the retrieve, the IxI Shad deflects—hard—but with a “falling forward” posture. The ability to deflect with athleticism and correct form ensures the lure doesn’t lose traction throughout the retrieve, maintaining its size-defying action and ensuring potential bites are not negligently lost.   

Depth: 9'-10'

Length: 2-1/4"

Weight: 1/4 oz

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