Lucky Craft KJ Flat Silent Crankbaits

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The brainchild of Elite Series veteran, Kelly Jordan, the Lucky Craft KJ Flat Crankbait delivers a specially developed action that helps anglers capitalize on bass that might normally go un-caught. Designed with flat sides and a circuit-board lip, the Lucky Craft KJ Flat Crankbait generates a narrow wobble from the moment it hits the water, making it incredibly effective in tight quarters.

Excelling in cold water and post-frontal conditions, the Lucky Craft KJ Flat Crankbait is completely silent, giving it a less intimidating presence around pressured fish. Highly detailed from end-to-end, the Lucky Craft KJ Flat Crankbait features high-quality finishes, 3D eyes, and intricate scaling. Backed by two razor-sharp trebles, the Lucky Craft KJ Flat Crankbait delivers a shallow-diving, tight wobbling presentation that maximizes effectiveness around tight-lipped bass.

“If the square bill is a pickup truck, then the flat-side is more like a Ferrari. It’s a very close brother to a square bill. You fish it in the same type of water, at approximately the same depth. It’s not as much of a brush buster because it doesn’t deflect off of wood like laydowns and stumps, but it shines in cold water, post frontal conditions, and pressured situations.” 

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