Heddon Swim'n Image Wakebait

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Delivering a tantalizing surface action, the Heddon Swim'n Image Wakebait continues the legacy of Heddon Lures and adds a new dimension to your topwater arsenal. Built with a tall body shape and a small bill, the Heddon Swim'n Image Wakebait produces a slow wide-wobbling action that resembles a vulnerable three-inch shad swimming across the surface that bass simply can't resist.

The Heddon Swim'n Image Wakebait also features a single internal rattle that provides a subtle knocking sound to call fish out of cover and enhance casting distance, especially in windy conditions. Armed with razor-sharp treble hooks, the Heddon Swim'n Image Wakebait is perfect for targeting any shallow water cover like boat docks, riprap, laydowns, grass lines, and wing dams.

Length: 3"

Weight: 7/16oz

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