Tackle HD HD Hellgrammite 5"

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Offering a hyper-realistic design that will make you think you need to swat it away, the Tackle HD Hellgrammite was created from a 3D scan of a real Hellgrammite to provide an unbeatable presentation. Featuring highly detailed legs and appendages, the Tackle HD Hellgrammite generates a lifelike crawling action with the slightest movement of the rod tip. The subtle movements of the Tackle HD Hellgrammite also make it an ideal choice for clear water and tough fishing conditions when it is hard to fool lure-shy fish.

A great choice for a variety of applications as well, the Tackle HD Hellgrammite is highly effective on a drop shot, split shot, or a small Carolina-rig. It can also be used on a light Texas-rig for flipping and pitching around docks and vegetation. Whether you fish ponds, lakes, or streams, the Tackle HD Hellgrammite is offered in a variety of colors that will match the bug forage on any body of water.

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