Scottsboro Tackle MM26 Shad Swimbait 6"

Scottsboro Tackle MM26 Shad Swimbait 6"

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If you’re looking for the ultimate baitfish swimbait for catching kicker-sized bass, you need to try the Scottsboro Tackle MM26 Shad Swimbait. Featuring a multi-segmented design, the Scottsboro Tackle MM26 Shad Swimbait generates a natural and enticing swimming action that can be altered with different retrieve speeds, giving anglers a wide range of versatility. If used with a slow retrieve and short twitches it will produce a wide gliding motion, while a fast retrieve allows anglers to burn it and create a tight “S” pattern swimming action that will not blow out to trigger aggressive reaction strikes. You can even wake it across the surface by using a fast retrieve and holding your rod tip high.


WEIGHT: 1.3 oz

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