LIVETARGET Emerald Shiner Baitball Jerkbait

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Molded around multiple baitfish profiles, the Livetarget Emerald Shiner Bait Ball Jerkbaits give the appearance of a small bait ball or group of fish that has broken away from the school. This is exactly what happens when bass attack a school of baitfish, the baitfish scatter and then instinctually form smaller bait balls in an effort to regain the safety of the school. Perfect for situations when bass are keying in on smaller bait fish, the Livetarget Emerald Shiner Bait Ball Jerkbait mimics multiple tiny bait fish and you can still cast it out a long ways and fish it with conventional gear. Fish it like you would a normal jerkbait with a stop-and-go retrieve, the Koppers Livetarget Emerald Shiner Bait Ball Jerkbait is available in a range of incredibly realistic, lifelike color combinations.

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