Cashion Icon John Crews Big Bait Rod

Cashion Icon John Crews Big Bait Rod

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In the world of bass fishing, two notable trends have emerged in recent years. One is the rapid development of forward facing sonar technology, while the other is the growing popularity of using larger, or "big", baits. The demand for catching bigger bass has led to an increase in anglers willing to experiment with big baits, including 7” glide baits, 6 to 8” boot tail swim baits, 1 ounce spinnerbaits, oversized deep diving crankbaits, and umbrella rigs. Each type of big bait serves a specific purpose in landing big fish.


In order to effectively use these baits, the correct equipment is essential. First and foremost, the rod must be carefully selected. Cashion Rods proudly offers a specialized design specifically for these types of baits: the Big Bait Rod, measuring 7’10”. This rod provides the perfect balance of power and sensitivity, preventing hooks from being ripped out during a fight with large fish. A larger reel, between sizes 150 and 300, is recommended for optimal performance. Popular options include the Daiwa Zillion HD and the Daiwa Tatula 300. And remember, a line weight of no less than 18 pounds is ideal.


As a product expert, let me guide you in choosing the right big baits for big bass battles. Glide baits, the latest trend in this category, come in both open water and choppy varieties. For a jerkbait-like motion, try the SPRO Chad Chad. Its size and design make it a great bait to start with, especially in areas where bass are actively feeding. The Cashion Icon John Crews Big Bait Rod is designed for bass anglers who prefer bigger spinnerbaits. While regular size spinnerbaits work in the same conditions, using a ¾ or 1 ounce spinnerbait on a regular spinnerbait rod is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. This versatile rod is also perfect for throwing umbrella rigs, a popular tool for winter fishing. With its multiple wires, heads, and baits, this rig can be used with forward facing sonar or fished like a spinnerbait, making it suitable for any type of cover. Don't rely on a flipping stick for this rig; the Big Bait Rod is specially designed for it.


Length: 7'10"

Action: MOD-FAST

Power: MED-HVY

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