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Lake of the Ozarks - PB2

March 10, 2024

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Table Rock Lake - Ahoy's

April 7, 2024

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Stockton Lake - New Orleans Trail

May 19, 2024

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Bull Shoals Lake - Bull Shoals Boat Dock

June 9, 2024 Register Results
Pomme De Terre - The Harbor July 14, 2024  Register Results
Truman Lake - Shawnee Bend August 11, 2024 Register Results
Championship Lake TBA September 21 - 22, 2024 Register Results



  • $300 entry fee
  • $100 membership 
  • 100 boat max field 
  • Top 70 in AOY standings will qualify for the championship
    • Points based on all 6 events. Angler must fish a minimum of 5 events.
    • 1st place will be awarded 1 point, 2nd will get 2 points, etc. Lowest points at the end of the year will win AOY. 
  • Angler of the year will receive $2,000 plus trophy, and a tackle pack!
  • 2 big bass per event.
    • 1st - $1500
    • 2nd - $500
  • Random observers may be assigned during tournament days. Refusal of this may result is disqualification. 




    2nd $4000
    3rd $1500
    4th $1000
    5th $1000
    6th $1000
    7th $1000
    8th $1000
    9th $1000
    10th $900
    11th  $800



    13th - 20th


    Payout based on a 100 boat field. Will pay 1 in 5 if field maximum is not reached.  


    Knowledge of these rules is the responsibility of each contestant.

    1. Rules: The following rules for the tournament will be interpreted solely by the tournament director.

    2. Eligibility: Anyone who have paid the appropriate entry fee and membership, 18 years of age and older. Persons under 18 may fish with parent or legal guardian.

    3. All Dept. of Conservation and Water Patrol rules apply.

    4. Only Largemouth, Kentucky, and Small Mouth will be weighed. Five (5) fish per team; no more than five (5) fish in possession at any time. All fish will measure at least 15 inches in length or state minimum (Any change in length requirements will be specified at pre-tournament meeting). Any iced or mangled fish presented at weigh-in will result in disqualification.

    5. There will be a 1-pound penalty per dead fish. Penalty will be deducted from total weight.

    6. There will be a 1-pound penalty per short fish and loss of fish.

    7. Any boat late for weigh-in means disqualification. NO EXCEPTIONS! Boats must be checked in on or before official check in time or they will be disqualified.

    8. Protest will be made in written form within 10 minutes of conclusion of weigh-in.

    9. Tie Breakers for individual events will be big bass. Tie Breakers for AOY standing will be as follows: Overall cumulative weight, biggest single event weight, big bass, early entry.

    10. Polygraph: All contestants, by signing the entry form, consent to receive a voice stress or polygraph. Anyone who fails or refuses the test will be immediately disqualified and banned from any future tournaments.

    11. Tackle and Equipment: Only artificial baits allowed. No more than 3 hooks per bait (treble hook is considered 1 hook).  Any questionable baits must be authorized by tournament director.  No live bait. No trolling. All bass must be caught on rod and reel. Each contestant can only use one rod and reel at a time. Umbrella rigs are allowed - 3 hook maximum. No more than 5 baits (including dummies) allowed, blades and spinners are not included. 

    12. No trailering of boat at any time during tournament hours until checked in.

    13. Life jackets must be worn, including coast guard approved ignition shut off device required when boat is on plane.

    14. Off limits include all state prohibited “NO FISHING” areas, along with any other designated locations set by the tournament director.

    15. Departure will be based on randomized order of entries. $50 deposit required 1 week prior to the tournament to hold entry. All entries after 1 week deadline will be added to the end of the take off order. 






    2nd $8000
    3rd $6000
    4th $5000
    5th $4000
    6th $3000
    7th $3000
    8th $2000
    9th $1000
    10th $1000

    $1000 per day draw prize. $500 big bass paid each day.

    $500 entry, 100% payback, 2nd - 10th based on a full 70 boat field. 

      If you have questions: Contact Randy Conlon @417-520-6595 or

      Anglers are responsible for being registered for incentive programs.