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We are looking for professional anglers that are already promoting themselves and their love of fishing through social media and most importantly, having fun doing it.  If this is you, let's join forces to share our love of fishing with the best tackle in the business. 



What's in it for you? 

Scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours. Not only will we promote you as a Pro Staffer, we'll also help you elevate your brand presence and more:

20% off store wide on all baits & tackle

Access to our team of professional video & image editors to help you elevate your brand

Discounted boat wraps!

This includes custom design so you can sell sponsorship opportunities


You Make Us Better

Your opinions matter to us. Help us keep our promise to our customers to "Fish Like a Pro".  We ask that our Pro Staff Members help make us better in the following ways:

 Share Your Favorite Baits

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Share Your Favorites

Tell us what your favorite baits are in your area & why

Review Our Site

Take a critical look at our site and tell us how you'd make it better

Promote Us!

Partner with us to create great content and post about it on your social sites