Fishing the Fall Transition

Fishing the fall transition can be different depending on what lake or body of water you are on but one thing that will be true everywhere is that during these transition periods, fish will be scattered and can be found both shallow and deep. Versatility will rule on most bodies of water in the fall so fishing the conditions for each day is crucial to success. These are the baits I have tied on no matter where I am in the country during the fall. 

One bait I love to use to target fish in the fall is a buzz bait.

While there are several great brands out there, I actually think it’s the swim bait I’m using that really has made all the difference in getting bites. The 4” Megabass Spark Shad has broken the game when it comes to buzz baits. Do your best to match the hatch and this bait is killer! Using a dab of super glue to hold the swim bait to the head of the buzz bait is crucial to catching multiple fish on one swim bait. 


Jerk baits can be a big player anytime of the year fish are feeding on shad.

Bass this time of the year really start honing in on shad which can leave them suspended in the water column as they chase bait. In the early fall I like to use the Strike King KVD jerk bait because it tends to have more action than other brands. However, as the water temperatures cool off I switch to the  Megabass 110 jerk bait because they are definitely in a class of their own with the weight transfer system and the attention to detail put into the bait. 

A drop shot is always a faithful player anywhere the fish can be found offshore.

Early in the fall the bite can remain tough on many bodies of water with summer water temperatures still hanging around. The deep bite is still around until these temperatures start to fall. Whether it’s brush piles, muscle bars, creek channels or ditches, anywhere the fish are congregated off the bank, a drop shot is one of the first baits I turn to this time of the year. I rig it most often with a 1/0 Owner Cover Shot hook paired with a 1/8-3/16 ounce weight. The fall is often one of the times to use the longest leader on a drop shot, even up to 24” inches. Roboworms are always a player but often the fish are so keyed in on shad profiles I turn to 4” Keitech swim baits or Strike King dream shots. Profile is often the key to getting dialed in this time of the year. 

I wish all of you the best luck and tight lines this fall!

Brayden Rakes 

Bait WrX Pro Staff