Fall Fishing with Bait WrX Pro, Jason McCullars

Fall is here

Most of the US is starting to realize those cool nights and shorter days paired with lower temps and less sun exposure cause water temps to drop.
Cooler water make the bass perk up and move out of their summer haunts. Let’s take a quick look at a few techniques that work well for fall bass fishing.

I start keying in on shad

Following them in the back of creeks and staying with baits that are shad patterns like a square billspinnerbait, or whopper plopper.
Also keeping my head on a swivel while fishing creeks because any flick of bait can mean it's being chased. I always make it a habit for throwing right to where i see one flick and a lot of times it equals a fish.

Always look for ambush points

Whether thats a tree, stumps, or rocks. Fish will lay behind these and wait on their next meal. Don’t be afraid to make numerous cast by a piece of structure. I have seen where I make 5 or 6 cast by one stump before a bass will hit the lure. Pictured below are some of my go to lures in the fall.
Booyah 3/8 ounce Spinnerbait 


Reel setup: 

Daiwa Tatula Elite

6.3:1 for crank baits.
7.3:1 for spinnerbaits and top water.

Rod setup: St. Croix 

7'2 Medium Legend Glass for cranking.
7'3 Medium Heavy Victory Rod for Whopper Popper & spinnerbaits.

Line setup: Seguar

12 pound fluorocarbon for crank baits
15 pound  fluorocarbon for spinnerbaits
60 pound smackdown braid for any topwater.