2022 Bassmaster Classic Live Updates

Drew Ceperley, Randy Conlon, and Drew Sanford are attending the Bassmaster Classic on lake Hartwell, South Carolina! Follow along with this blog for live updates on gear, tackle, and techniques that the pros are using in hopes of winning the biggest event in bass fishing! 

See the exact baits that the pros are using!


Chad Pipkens talks 2022 Bassmaster Classic and what he’s going to be throwing tomorrow!

Bassmaster Angler of the year, Seth Feider before take off.

Day 3 Bassmaster Classic- Jerk bait

About every angler this morning had a jerk bait tied on. Both the largemouth and spot guys have them ready at will. A lot of people are seeing schooling fish and need a bait that casts far and looks like a shad.

Cranking for a Classic Title- Justin Hamner

Spring has sprung… bass are moving to the bank. When that happens wiggle warts, rock crawlers, Dt6, & 8’s will all be players. 

GMAN- Swim bait and Ice Jig

The legend GMan, junk fishing out deep. He said he’s spending his time using his Mega Live out deep.